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Have a second Gerrit (Code Review backlog) cleanup day
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We had a first Gerrit cleanup day in September (T88531) which was mildly successful: We reduced the queue of patchsets without any review by 18% (25% for those submitted in last 3 months) and we learned a lot about (social and technical) aspects of Code Review.

It makes sense to iterate by repeating the Cleanup Day experiment in late February / early March 2016 incorporating T113378: Lessons learned from the first Gerrit Cleanup Day plus T101686: Goal: Define potential actions to reduce code review queues and waiting times/T78768: Agree on and implement actions to prioritize code review of patches submitted by volunteers.

We should also use this opportunity to improve awareness and knowledge about Differential's workflows across the developer community.
Related: T114311: [keyresult] Code review RFC (Differential) - Write, publish, publicize, and respond to/incorporate feedback./T119908: [RfC]: Migrate code review / management from Gerrit to Phabricator.

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I've moved this from January to February because I don't see having time for this in January, and I'd like to concentrate first on improving the underlying code review situation via and instead of spending too much time on a Cleanup Day band-aid.

Given lots of other stuff on my list taking longer than expected due to many reasons, I'd like to postpone working on this task to April-June 2016.
If anybody else would like to run a second Gerrit cleanup day earlier, I'm happy to help and support such efforts.

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Now that there are weekly code review office hours, is it still considered a good idea to have a Gerrit Cleanup Day? (or Differential)

Now that there are weekly code review office hours, is it still considered a good idea to have a Gerrit Cleanup Day? (or Differential)

Question is whether actually 'enough' long-waiting unreviewed patches with unclear code area maintenance get tackled in the code review office hours, or if it's more like patches which fir with personal interest and are not overly complex...

Still this task is currently lowest priority. Personally prefer to work on underlying issues than symptoms. Hence I'll move this to the Backlog but anyone else is free and encouraged to lead a Cleanup Day and I am happy to support efforts.

I'm going to decline this lingering task.
Developer-Advocacy currently has no plans and capacity to organize this in the foreseeable future.
Instead we want fo tackle underlying issues (see T129067, in the field of the Release-Engineering-Team) and experiment with some nudging via weekly reminders (see T137214).

If someone wants to organize a second Gerrit cleanup day Developer-Advocacy are happy to help.