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Improve the license selection and upload process in mw.ForeignStructuredUpload.BookletLayout
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@Pginer-WMF from some etherpad

The checkbox and the text below it make it not obvious what to do to continue with the upload:

  • Can we replace the checkbox with a more direct action? For example, show the default author and license information with a clear > option to continue ("Confirm and start uploading").
  • We can communicate clearly the way to upload and provide a secondary less prominent "more upload options" where we provide access to Commons and local wiki uploads.

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I'll make some mock ups for this soon.

I included an example of how this may look like (just a rough mockup):

upload-process.png (577×1 px, 65 KB)

The key ideas are:

  • Represent the file to upload once the user selected it with an option to clear the selection (and go back to the file selector).
  • Attach the default author and license information to the file.
  • Provide a clear call to action to continue with the process.
  • Provide a less prominent secondary actions for the edge cases where more advanced uploading is needed. It will provide access to the additional upload entry points (e.g., showing the information about Commons and local uploads for different licenses or authors).
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