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Gadget Merge.js generates warning "Unrecognized value for parameter 'ignoreconflicts': label"
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The Wikidata gadget Merge.js uses currently

ignoreconflicts: 'description|label', // ignore descriptions and labels conflicts as old version of merge did

which generates the warning

"warnings":{"wbmergeitems":{"*":"Unrecognized value for parameter 'ignoreconflicts': label"}}

Was there a change that dropped support for 'ignoreconflicts': label? Or was this never supported? Is this related to T115892?

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I guess this is complete independent to T115892. The support for ignoreconflicts: label was removed in 80f161f9 on Dec 11 2014. I suppose the warning appears since December 2014.

To prevent the warning the parameter |label in Merge.js line 630 have to removed.

I already did it but then it was reverted...

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Just a harmless warning.

I already did it but then it was reverted...

Your edit was just between my attempts to fix T107275 :)

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I removed the option ignoreconflicts: 'label' (diff). The warning in the API response is now gone.

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