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Goal: Align Community Liaison and Developer Relations project management practices
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This goal was initially planned as "Plan for adoption of Phabricator across WMF Community Engagement teams". However, that is a big bite, I have other big bites to solve this quarter, and it looks like it is being a busy quarter.

Community Liaisons and Developer Relations already share some processes, we both use Phabricator although at different degrees, and ultimately we both need to make happy the same WMF processes and some overlapping areas of our communities.

We don't need to have identical processes. For instance, CL deals with more sensitive information than DevRel, and are a lot more plugged into WMF Engineering projects.

Measurements of success coming soon.

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Alignment at the quarterly goals level is happening via T119387: Community Liaison and Developer Relation quarterly goals for January - March 2016 and T114137#1831097.

The next steps are workboard and tasks. I have started to look at the Community-Relations-Support workboard, while casually looking at candidates for goals and while trying to organize tasks related to the WMF product development process (now also under #wmf-product-strategy). I have suggested some blocked/blocked-by relationships, I have asked about some tasks with descriptions unclear for outsiders, also about potential duplicated / completed / stalled tasks... Needless to say, I'm not intending to do this on a regular basis. Just trying to show by doing to @Rdicerb and the liaisons.

As soon as the quarterly goals planning is over, I want to document how DevRel works on workboards and tasks, to check what would make sense to be adopted by CL, and what can be improved based on their feedback.

I think it is time to align at the Phabricator level. What about this:

  1. All liaisons would have a list of tasks assigned to them reflecting at least their non-core work (tasks with a clear completion, as opposed to regular processes and routines) and their current priority.
  2. The Community-Relations-Support team would start using monthly sprints starting with #Liaison-January-2016. We would use the same columns as in DevRel-January-2016, although feedback for improvement is welcomed. During January the goal is simply to tag the tasks that liaisons are currently working on. We would start reflecting monthly planning in February.
  3. The Community-Relations-Support workboard would be organized like the Developer-Advocacy workboard, including a column for team radar and then columns for each quarter.

We discuss the proposal above at the Community-Relations-Support meeting today, and we agreed to try this out.

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To-Do column in Community-Relations-Support workboard is now gone.

Kudos to @Quiddity for being the first liaison adding the Liaisons-January-2016 label to a task. :)

Under the Technical Collaboration umbrella, today the Community-Relations-Support and Developer-Advocacy share a way of working based on individual and team quarterly goals, both manage team and monthly sprint workboards, and both share a weekly meeting.

We will keep fine tuning as we go, but for now this is good enough to resolve this task.