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Increase pbkdf2 parameter strengths (2015/2016)
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'algo' => 'sha512',
'cost' => '128000',
'length' => '64',

For the pbkdf2 parameters at the WMF. This will reduce the amount of work mediawiki does for password hashing by 40%, while increasing the amount of work an attacker has to do by 2.5x.

For our tarball, we should probably adjust the default params to,

'algo' => 'sha512',
'cost' => '40000',
'length' => '64',


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Don't add Security-Team here, otherwise all member of a public joinable project can see this task! This is not willed, I guess.

@Luke081515: Nope that's not how the access permissions in Phabricator are implemented. :) Readded.

@Aklapper: Normaly, but this projects was not added as project:

Luke081515 removed a subscriber: Security-Team.

This projects was added as CC, and this was why I can see the task before: Normaly I'm not a member in Security, and should only see the security bugs I created, but I added me as a member of Security-Team, and so I could see the task.

Krenair added a subscriber: Krenair.EditedDec 26 2015, 1:52 AM

Interesting. I wrote and am running a script to track down other instances of that across tickets marked security, and have fixed T101341 and T115333 so far.

Also T100803 in WMF-NDA. Going to remove the project restriction soon and let it check everything I can see in Phab.

Edit: After it gets to something like offset 42k, my script starts getting "Maximum execution time of 10 seconds exceeded" HTTP 500s unfortunately. Still:

1# By Alex Monk. As of writing, dies around offset 42k due to a server-side timeout.
2import json, subprocess
4def getAll(arcArgs, params = {}, limit = 1000, offset = 0):
5 print("Offset " + str(offset))
6 proc = subprocess.Popen(arcArgs, stdin = subprocess.PIPE, stdout = subprocess.PIPE)
7 resultOut, resultErr = proc.communicate(input = json.dumps(dict(params, limit = limit, offset = offset)))
8 dataOut = json.loads(resultOut.strip())['response']
9 if 'data' in dataOut:
10 items = dataOut['data'].values()
11 elif isinstance(dataOut, dict):
12 items = dataOut.values()
13 elif isinstance(dataOut, list):
14 items = dataOut
15 for item in items:
16 yield item
17 if len(items) == limit:
18 for item in getAll(arcArgs, params = params, limit = limit, offset = offset + limit):
19 yield item
21arcCommand = ['arc', 'call-conduit', '--conduit-uri', '']
23# Security: PHID-PROJ-koo4qqdng27q7r65x3cw
24# WMF-NDA: PHID-PROJ-ibxm3v6ithf3jpqpqhl7
25# {'projectPHIDs': ['PHID-PROJ-somethingsomethingsomething']}
26for task in getAll(arcCommand + ['maniphest.query'], {}, limit = 1000):
27 for ccPHID in task['ccPHIDs']:
28 if 'PROJ' in ccPHID:
29 print('' + task['id'] + ' - ' + ccPHID + ' - ' + task['title'])
30 break

Not pasting the output here due to the obvious issues involving what my account can access.

@Aklapper: Normaly, but this projects was not added as project:
This projects was added as CC

Oh....! Thanks a lot, @Luke081515! I missed that. :(

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Since this is really a hardening issue (someone would have to get our password hashes to crack them), and since the original 64k strength still holds (the WMF is just doing 4x that when checking passwords), I'm going to push this as a public patch to be swatted tomorrow (28 Jan).

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This was deployed with

This has been live on all wikis for about 2 hours, and 4k hashes have been converted so far. Authentications ( seem to be progressing at the normal pace.

Stats from CountPasswordTypes2.php
pbkdf2 (256):9552526
pbkdf2 (512):4485

csteipp closed this task as Resolved.Mar 8 2016, 6:08 PM

Public patch for DefaultSettings.php is (since T127445 was opened publicly).

I think we can just cherry pick that back to all the release branches, unless that throws off creating the security patch?

demon added a subscriber: demon.May 10 2016, 10:17 PM

Public patch for DefaultSettings.php is (since T127445 was opened publicly).
I think we can just cherry pick that back to all the release branches, unless that throws off creating the security patch?

They'll need manual porting anyway because of the array() syntax change.

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