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[AG] Task: Design for section "Fertig" of the dialogue
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*including do's and don't
*Copying (T106011) and button linking to licence texts (T109568) are subtasks to this task


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What happens to the "Text" and "HTML" buttons when we selected "Druckerzeugnis" in the "Nutzungsart" step? Are both there? Both gone? Just text there?

@Jakob_WMDE In case the user chose "print" both buttons should be gone. The user can copy only text with the "copy" button.

KasiaWMDE added a comment.EditedNov 19 2015, 1:14 PM

@Jakob_WMDE After some feedback: we want to make it more explicit that there are links in the attribution if the user chooses the online option. Please implement the following modifications for the option with "online":

*the links should be opening in a new tab
*the links should be blue (so that they are recognizable as links)

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