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Hardware Automation Workflow - Overall Tracking
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This task will outline the overall steps needed (and link sub-tasks) for actionable items from the operations teams breakout group on Hardare provisioning & automation.

The notes of the session are listed on

Action Items:

  • servermon fully in production (big one)
  • easier allocation of IPs for management (in dns.git)
    • this is easier for codfw, since its properly ordered. eqiad is ordered by service group and horrible to work with.
      • we should clean up and renumber eqiad when this is automated.
    • the same concept can be applied to add/remove machines from puppet.git (e.g. dhcp entries)
  • PXE-boot linux image to run administration tasks
  • investigate ssh keys for idrac/ilo
    • related {T113557}
  • lock mgmt vlan from non ops bastions
    • {T79294} OLD rtimport task for this.

Additionally, there has long been discussion about scripting all mgmt tasks.

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