enforcing deployment from `/srv/deployment` is wrong
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Currently, the way scap3 is configured, you cannot deploy from any directory other than a directory that is under /srv/deployment; however, since on deployment-bastion /srv is actually a symlink to /mnt/srv this check fails.

The purpose of this check is to make sure that the git_repo code from the git_server (which is typically tin) is accessible over the network. Since this is enforced in other places throughout the code, this check should be removed.

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See also: serve deployment files directly from the scap process, rather than a separate http server.

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The beta deployment-bastion uses /mnt for legacy reasons and the symlink was a hack to match prod. Nowadays its recommended to use /srv/ on labs. Maybe we can fill another task to rename the mount ?

I think D58 is going in the right direction - scap3 shouldn't make assumptions about the deployment host's dir layout; it should only matter to it that it is in a git repo dir and that the scap/ dir with the appropriate files is there.

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