As a user, I would like to "picture of the day" on my feed.
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The picture of the day is another card under the group of "today's" things on your feed.


See subtasks for specs

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Per our planning meeting:

  • Tap opens in gallery
  • Ideally pull in older pictures into gallery as well

@JMinor, that's a good idea. do we have date <> picture pairing? i can create a mock for that

@Nirzar, @Fjalapeno was going to check to see how far back we can get. On the web homepage it only goes a few days back.

few days is okay too. more than 3 is a good start.

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Per our estimation meeting this scoped to just picture of the day on en.wikipedia. For now tap to gallery view.

We can do follow-up to make custom mods to the gallery and pull in older pictures as a follow-on iteration.

Having gone (too) far trying to get EN Wiki's POTD to work, I'm going to pivot to using Common's POTD using a variation on @Mhurd's old query [0], which retrieves a localized image description from the extmetadata [1]. This should allow me to get info necessary for both the card and its fullscreen gallery view.



Pinged Nirzar to update the mock (share will be a followon feature)

Checked with on iPad iOS 9.1 (see the comments/screenshots on T119669: As a user, I can view the current POTD in a fullscreen gallery view

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