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Decide which Wikimedia wiki gets Newsletter extension first, and seek support
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Description says "Communicate your ideas/plans to affected wikis to garner both support and suggestions/feedback". In our conversations we have mentioned Meta as a good candidate for a first wiki. An alternative could be, where technical novelties land first frequently. Opinions?

Note that enabling Newsletter in multiple wikis depends on our plan for T110645: Interwiki support for Newsletter extension

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Discussed in our weekly meeting:

<qgil> Meta or
<tonythomas> great. I too will pitch in in breaking down
<qgil> (thanks!)
<tinajohnson> the wiki which has the most number of newsletters ?
<Glaisher> I think for production cluster we will start with testwikis
<Glaisher> and then, move onto
<tonythomas> qgil: :) but, usually we went from like a test to core
<Glaisher> after that other wikis
<tonythomas> true
<tinajohnson> good idea
<Glaisher> That's how extensions are usually deployed
<qgil> " says "Communicate your ideas/plans to affected wikis to garner both support and suggestions/feedback"."
<qgil> there is no community to ask in test
<tonythomas> there was one wiki page
<Glaisher> qgil: yeah, people can see how the extension does once we get it deployed to the testwikis
<qgil> mmmok
<Glaisher> After that, they will have an idea about it so we can get feedback
<Glaisher> and interest to get it deployed elsewhere
<qgil> Labs instance is not enough?
<Glaisher> Many people don't know that beta exists
<tonythomas> we went like that for BounceHandler ( its a different story )
<Glaisher> (and I don't think they will sign up at the labs instance just for it)
<tonythomas> from beta, we moved to group0 in prodcution
<qgil> ok then, lowering priority

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Outreach wiki also has two important newsletter, the education newsletter and GLAM newsletter. I think it should be one of the first wikis to get the extension. :)

I think we should start with It's a natural wiki for technical novelties, and we have a user case related with the WMF product development process that we could start testing.

Also very important, is getting interwiki notifications, a feature that will affect how this extension is used cross-wiki.

I +1 on for the initial test. Unfortunately, Tech News is on Meta :/
But it should be extended to active wikis after a short term, to see if people who are not aware of all newsletters we publish get more involved.

@Tinaj1234 @01tonythomas @Glaisher any objection to as first wiki? Let's decide by Thursday, March 3 latest.

I want to +1 @Selsharbaty-WMF 's comment above about outreach -- probably want it to be one of the next locaitons because of the two important newsletters. Also letting @Romaine @TFlanagan-WMF know about this for the GLAM-Wiki end.

T110645: Interwiki support for Newsletter extension needs a bit more though before we enable this extension in several wikis. Sure, newsletters in these wikis would be able to move to the new model, but users would not have a single list with all the newsletters available yet.

Giving users an easy way to discover newsletters is an important aspect of this project.

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No blockers in I'm keeping this task as is until we have completed the blockers of T115095: Security review of Newsletter extension

I think this task has served its purpose. it is.

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