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Outreachy Proposal for Implement HTML e-mail support in MediaWiki
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Preetika09 assigned this task to Devirk.
Preetika09 raised the priority of this task from to Medium.
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@Preetika09, why is this task assigned to another potential Outreachy candidate ?

If you are planning to create a project proposal, please do follow and edit this task description with your idea, and assign the same to you!

We are approaching the Outreachy'11 application deadline, and if you want to have your proposal considered to be part of this round, do sign up and add your proposal at before November 02 2015, 07:00 pm UTC. You can copy-paste the above proposal to the Outreachy application system, and keep on polishing it over here. Keep in mind that your mentors and the organization team will be evaluating your proposal here in Phabricator, and you are free to ask and get more reviews complying

Closing the task as invalid, as we do not have a corresponding proposal submitted for the same in the Outreachy application system by the applicant. Thank you, and Good luck for the next round.