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When I try to upload file .djvu which size is 115Mb with [[Special:Upload]] I get the error "413 Request Entity Too Large". Although uploadpage says that permitted size to 1000Mb. How to upload this file?

It's not right that in the [[Special:Upload]] written about the limit of 1000 MB, but its the real limit is 100...
I enabled in preferences the Wizard and "Chunked uploads", did upload via a wizard, but after it shows the next tab with error without buttons ''back'' or ''forward'' ([ screenshot]). If press the "back" in browser, then will drop form and need be to reupload file, but will be the same error. Therefore this problem I not use the wizard from summer. Yesterday, other user also tried to upload the file, with the same erroneous result.

Found 2 issue on forum about the error "internal_api_error_MWException". What to do?

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File size 115Mb. "Chunked uploads" in preferences enabled.

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Thanks for filing the bug.

There are three distinct issues here:

  • You get an ugly "413 Request Entity Too Large" error, instead of something pretty informing you that you're trying to upload a file that is too big. This is T115984.
  • Special:Upload lies that files up to 1000 MB are allowed, while the limit is actually 100 MB (unless you're using chunked upload, which it doesn't). This is T116347.
  • You get "internal_api_error_MWException" when uploading some PDF or DJVU files with text layer. This is T94562.

I'll close this one, since it's a duplicate. (And please keep filing bugs if you encounter them! :) ) Please subscribe to the linked tasks to get updates about them. At least the second one should be easy to fix; the other two not so much, though. :(