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Edit quality campaign for Polish Wikipedia
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Discussion on the issue:

Translation of UI:

Translation of Edit quality forms:

Wikilabels landing page:

"Bureaucrat and checkuser are high-trust functions, and the editor function is defined for flagging vandalism-free edits, so it also counts" per Wpedzich on wiki + sysop & bot

I talked to @tarlocesilion a couple months ago about looking at this. He said we was wikibreaking at the time. I wonder if he is back now and can help us set up vandalism detection in Polish Wikipedia.

I believe "ui translation", "form translation", and "wp:labels" is ready to be marked as done.

I couldn't find ui translation in the file in github. Also there was no PR to merge. @tarlocesilion: Can you tell where you put it?

Amazing, thanks. I add to the repo. We are moving to use

a note for @Halfak Polish for "Edit quality (20k random sample, 2016)" is "Jakość edycji (losowy przykład 20 tys., 2016)"

The campaign is loaded and visible at

But some of the i18n can't be deployed because of an issue in our deployment system. See T127924 However, the interface should still work and it seems that the form itself has Polish translations.