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Home page for the analytics mailing list should link to gmane [1 pts]
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I have CCed analytics mailling list admins

The analytics mailing list is registered with gmane which let us read it via NNTP.

The mailman homepage lacks links to gmane.

For wikitech-l at we have:

There are two different manners to use this list;

  • As an ordinary e-mail discussion list
  • As a newsgroup

In order to use this list like a newsgroup you must specify the NNTP-server at your newsreader. You also must be subscribed to the newsgroup

You may automatically link there by using the following URL:

For posting to the newsgroup you must be a list member. The first time you post to the newsgroup you will receive an email for verification, which is normal. If you work by means of the newsgroup you probably do not want to receive the messages by email. To disable email delivery go to "Edit Options". (at the end of this page)

You can also use the gmane web interface for reading AND posting to the list.

Pick "post" or "followup" from the drop-down menu.

Many Wikimedia mailing lists are also available on gmane.
Search for wikimedia or a specific project name on the list of newsgroups of

So we can reuse that block of text and adjust the URLs to respectively:


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Analytics list run by kleduc at, mforns at

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@mforns, can you look into this?

@mforns: Did you look into this?

@Krenair, @kevinator
Sorry, this got lost in our backlog.
It's done now:

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Awesome all good to me. Thank you @mforns!

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