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Add a post title variable to AbuseFilter
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Description Looks like there is no way to check the post's title. Can a new variable post_title be added?

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This task is about adding a new AbuseFilter variable to Flow which would let us check the contents of post titles. (Looking at another extension which does it) I think you'd need AbuseFilter-computeVariable, AbuseFilter-generateUserVars and AbuseFilter-builder hooks for it. This is not a bug, but a feature request.

In that task by saying that it doesn't work, I meant that even if the conditions do match, it doesn't show the Flow edits. It looks like examine does actually work but it doesn't work for test. I'll update that task and also sorry for the confusion.

Mattflaschen-WMF added a comment.EditedOct 27 2015, 3:47 PM

It's a separate object (topic title), but it's still filterable (with standard new_wikitext/old_wikitext).

However, I can see how it might be useful to filter it together.

Note topic titles can also be edited, so old_wikitext could apply.

Yes, this would be similar to article_text and article_prefixedtext variables. See I don't really see the need for adding an old_topic_title variable though because we've been doing fine without such a variable for move page actions too. However, if it isn't that difficult it would also be nice (though that should be lower priority than adding this variable because it's not very useful, imo).

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