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page_counter not removed from dummy page insert in tables.sql
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Change Ieeb558f9523c11965cbc1941cad4f316c00c85c5 breaks tables.sql for Oracle as the field page_counter removed from table page still remains in the subsequent insert of the dummy page (used so it is possible to use foreign key constraints).

Nothing much to do, just remove the 5th value in that insert statement, i would have done it myself, but i don't have my gerrit account anymore (removed due to innactivity)

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but i don't have my gerrit account anymore (removed due to innactivity)

Huh? I'm pretty sure that we don't remove gerrit accounts for inactivity.

@Freakolowsky if your gerrit account was removed for that but is very unlikely then you can create a new account.

demon added a comment.Nov 17 2015, 4:18 PM

Before we continue to wonder, let me just say that we've never disabled anyones account in Gerrit for inactivity.

Funny, in the time it took us 3 to all chime in we could've written the patch for this 3 times over :-P

Hmm ... yeah my bad ... was using wrong account (i blamez the form-history-thingie) ... and i thought i got an email stating my gerrit account was closed, turns out i just got some group rights on mw revoked ... again => my bad.

In any case ... demon, that was an understatement, you could've done it min 10 times over.

have ph00n ...

Ok don't worry fellows i'm working on it.

(A newbie in the community)

jcrespo added a subscriber: jcrespo.Dec 7 2015, 2:13 PM

I'm unsure who should own this. If that helps, you have my +1, but I would be unable to test more complex changes.

@jcrespo i don't know what you are meaning by "owning" but i'm the one who submitted the patch for this task

Billghost claimed this task.Dec 7 2015, 2:23 PM

Yes, @Billghost, and I thank you for it. I was asking owning as in "who should approve the change going though".

I could be one of those, because I am the DBA for the wikimedia foundation, but I think I should not because this is mediawiki code not running on our servers so I should not have a decision on it (plus I have not touched an Oracle in years). However, I wanted to +1 it, which means I agree with the change, as it corrected an obvious mistake.

Thanks again.

@jcrespo ok now you message is understood and thanks for your +1. Looking forward to contribute more than this.

Thanks again.

Is this issue still open?

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