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$wgSiteNotice warnings in DefaultSettings.php comments
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$wgSiteNotice is gone when printable=yes.

Marge, the address and time of the picnic is there on the top of the
printout I gave you... he thinks.

Version: 1.10.x
Severity: minor



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Sitenotice is for transitory messages, not page content.

You could change your stylesheets if you wanted things different.

Change the comment of:
/** If set, a bold ugly notice will show up at the top of every page. */
$wgSiteNotice = '';

to also mention:

Note: beside $wgSiteNotice there is also a Mediawiki:Sitenotice file or something,     
and its iteraction with $wgSiteNotice is (thus)...

Also Note: $wgSiteNotice will not show up on pages sent to the printer 
(printable=yes), and, brace yourself: if people dare to disable javascript on
their browser, or *gasp* use a text browser!

Hence we see that the comment in DefaultSettings.php needs to be changed badly,
lest sysops have the delusion that all users are going to see what they thought all users would certianly see, but in reality many users will NEVER in fact see!

robchur wrote:

Improved the documentation in r22893. Note that JavaScript is *not* used to add the site notice to a page unless using the DismissableSiteNotice extension, in which case this is desirable.