"LD50" user satisfaction metric code broken
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surv <- Surv(time = page_visits$`last check-in`,

+ time2 = page_visits$next check-in,
+ event = page_visits$status,
+ type = "interval")
Error in Surv(time = page_visits$last check-in, time2 = page_visits$next check-in, :

Time variable is not numeric

This is probably something to do with the table only having two observations.

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Fixed now the data became available, now it's broken in a different way ;p.

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No news here for four weeks (I'm pinging as this is "Unbreak Now" priority).
Is there a reason to not change the task status to "Resolved" via the "Action > Change Status" dropdown above the "Comments" box, so the task won't show up under the list of open tasks anymore? Thanks.

Yes; "done" does not mean "reviewed by Dan". I'm pretty sure we've had this conversation before.

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