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Suggestion for new Lua function in mw.language library: language encoding
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As @Amire80 asked me, I'd like to report about a problem and to suggest a solution.
I'm working on non English version of CS1 module, and I need to get a language code from a language name.
For example, the input is "Spanish" and the output should be "es". For now I written a table with 54 codes and made a loop on it, until the right code was found. The new function could help, and it's program code should be very simple.
Thank you.

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Which extension is this about? I assume MediaWiki-extensions-Scribunto? Adding that project so the task would be found on workboards/when searching that project; if I'm wrong please edit the task.

I believe you are right.

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I note that mw.language.fetchLanguageNames() already returns the code-to-name mapping table for all known codes, so it would be easy enough to write a function to do this in a module.

Exactly, as I did. All I ask is a feature that does not make me to mention all the possible codes in each module.

Why would you have to mention all the possible codes in each module?

A simple version of your requested function would be

function langCodeFromName( name )
    for langCode, langName in pairs( mw.language.fetchLanguageNames( 'en' ) ) do
        if langName == name then
            return langCode
    return nil

No list of all possible codes in there.

If it's going to be used many times in a page and always using the English names, you could create a data-module like

local t = {}
for k, v in pairs( mw.language.fetchLanguageNames( 'en' ) ) do
    t[v] = k
return t

then just have your function be return mw.loadData( "Module:Whatever" )[name].

Because I didn't know there is a possibility to get this table. I missed this point in the manual. Thanks a lot. But still I prefer this task will stay on low priority so once it will be added to the interface.

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I don't really see a need to add a built-in for something that it's trivial to write a module for.

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Declining as per T116925#1764622 and T116925#1762979