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Allow to organize saved pages in directories/categories
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@Florian Agree this would be useful! I would like if this was synched with Collections/Gather on mobile web + desktop too. Might be a bigger project.

@KHammerstein: Remember, that this would require, that Gather is deployed to _all_ wmf wikis (at least the ones, that are supported by the app, so all wikipedias I think). And as far s I know, that isn't the case, yet :) Furthermore this sounds like a really big task :P So let's try to get this locally on the device first and then try to sync it with the wiki. It would also be useful to have the watchlist available in the app, which isn't possible, too :P

But: Yes, any idea how we can sync the app with something on-wiki sounds very interesting and something that should be a big goal!

An interesting way to prioritise this task would be to use the EventLogging data to analyse usage of saved pages; if lots of users have lots of saved pages, then it's worth bumping up.

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This will be handled by our new Reading List feature. (T120108)