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Fix the pageview API "top" spec and 404 reporting {slug}
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The Top endpoint works, but could use friendlier 404s and needs to have the "all-years" option removed as we can't tractably compute that (too much data)

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We'll try to make the 404s easier to understand, but this is just because there's sparse data in this top endpoint. It basically needs to wait for a month or year to be fully done in order to return something other than a 404. So for a specific day it works, for the days we have (September -> October right now):

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(Could you give a workable per-article example too? Missing data is fine but I wanna have this API client working for launch ;))

The per article one should be much easier to guess, except RESTBase is very finnicky about trailing slashes, that's usually what's happening if you see {items:[]}

So do use this:

But do not use this:


On the actual bug, hopefully fixes the all-years element.

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We can remove trailing backslashes on aqs, I think the 404 issues are taken care of.

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