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Use Arabic comma in date/time formats for Arabic and Farsiِ
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English and many other languages use "," for coma. Farsi and Arabic languages
use a different character "،" which is much like a reversed coma. Currently, the
English coma is used in the interface of these wikis for the messages shown by
the software, like the log enteries. The text on the both sides is translated,
but the coma is not. I think it would be a little nice idea to support the
translation of that character as well.

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Can you give a few examples please, where the comma is used? At
[[ar:special:log]] I see it in the dates. This could be solved by adding
localized dateFormats at the message files.

Any other places?

You got the point! It is in the dates where the coma should be fixed.

You need to specify what date formats are wanted, see the $dateFormats in the
Messages files series, and the function sprintfDate in the Language.php file
how to custimise the date formats.

The current date format as seen in English wikipedia:

  • 07:38, 27 April 2007 Herostratus (Talk | contribs) deleted "YY

Rayquaza" (content was: '{{db-nonsense}}mbhdsgdgshfgh')

And in Farsi wikipedia:

  • ۱۹:۵۵, ۲۶ آوریل ۲۰۰۷ حجت (بحث | مشارکت‌ها | بسته شود) «حسن آیت» حذف شد (نامربوط)

(You may need to install Right-to-left Languages support on your operating
system to be able to read the Farsi character in the above.)

The expected formatting for the date, which only differs in the coma character:

  • ۱۹:۵۵، ۲۶ آوریل ۲۰۰۷ حجت (بحث | مشارکت‌ها | بسته شود) «حسن آیت» حذف شد (نامربوط)

So as you see, the date format does not change except for the coma character.

Created attachment 3539
Modified date format for Arabic

Modified date format for Arabic


dates_ar.png (998×1 px, 146 KB)

Created attachment 3540
Modified date format for Farsi

Modified date format for Farsi.

Can you confirm please, that these formats are correct now?
Can you confirm too, that the modified comma is a common wide standard in
Arabic and Farsi languages?

One difference between my lokal MediaWiki installation and ar.wp I do not

ar.wp shows:
06:14, 28 أبريل 2007 كندلي (النقاش | مساهمات

my wiki shows:
٠٠:٠٥، ٢٧ أبريل ٢٠٠٧ Test (النقاش | مساهمات |
منع مستخدم) New user

The numbers are not transformed at ar.wp.


dates_fa.png (998×1 px, 154 KB)


I do confirm that the comma character for Arabic an Farsi languages is "،" this
one. You may find it in the documentation of Unicode standards. For now, I
bring another piece of evidence: In Microsoft Word, going to Insert > Symbol
will show you a list of unicode characters with their names. In the picture
below, I have selected that comma character, and you will see its name down

It would also be a nice idea, to replace the English semicolon ";" with the
Arabic/Farsi one "؛" as well. However, I cannot remember where the semicolon
character was used, now.

By the way, I just noticed that I typed comma as "coma" in all my above
messages! "What a shame ..." :(

Fixed with r21748 for date/time formats.

Semicolon not used in date/time formats. If used in normal messages these
messages have to be updated by the language maintainers please.

Raimond, could you please tell me how I should contact the language
maintainers? (You may do it by email, if it has nothing to do with this bug.)
Also, when should the fix you mentioned above, be applied to the Wikipedia