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Undo r11305 changes to main.css
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Author: herd

r11305 introduced some new CSS in an apparent redesign of the navigation
portlet, which uses the id definition #p-navigation in main.css. However, due to
the advent of MediaWiki:Sidebar, this only affects the top portlet (and only if
the first line is "* Navigation" (and possibly only in English?), as new sidebar
portlets are given an ID to match the portlet heading.

Part of the css defines "#p-navigation a { display: block; }" which gives the
top sidebar portlet links a slightly different spacing on some browsers (example ).

It also seems, that #p-navigation li are no longer ever given class="active", so
probably the whole section in main.css under "** the navigation portlet" should
be removed as unneeded.

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Severity: trivial
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robert wrote:

Removes the offending css items

This patch removes the block of #p-navigation css items, it doesn't appear to make the page look different and is broken regardless due to its implementation. If this really does change things for the better (which I cannot see and has never caused any complaints) there is no way to correctly implement it without changes to the classes in the skin as there are many .portal 's.


cannon.danielc wrote:

Committed as r26419.