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Differential notification emails lack headers for repository and state change
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Reported upstream as

The notification emails lacks headers representing the project a patch is made against as well as metadata for what the mail is about. As a result, when watching several repositories, there is no good way to filter them in different folders.

An example for a revision creation. The mail shows:

dduvall added a task: T117131: Include architectural overview in scap3 documentation.
dduvall created this revision.
dduvall added a reviewer: mobrovac.
Herald added a reviewer: Release-Engineering-Team.

Starting off with a pretty little activity diagram.

rMSCA scap


Mail headers:

Subject: [Differential] [Request, 73 lines] D31: WIP Include scap3 architectural overview
X-Phabricator-Sent-This-Message: Yes
X-Phabricator-Mail-Tags: <differential-review-request>, <differential-other>, <differential-reviewers>
Thread-Topic: D31: WIP Include scap3 architectural overview
X-Herald-Rules: <101>, <96>, <102>
X-Phabricator-To: <PHID-USER-7bifphmxtcqgvdofuzla>
X-Phabricator-To: <PHID-PROJ-uier7rukzszoewbhj7ja>
X-Phabricator-To: <PHID-USER-hxwwywcyzpooynxuo7a2>
X-Phabricator-Cc: <PHID-USER-x7ti5ksby4ubsabntlxa>

An example for an accepted change:

mmodell accepted this revision.
mmodell added a comment.
This revision is now accepted and ready to land.

Looks good to me but I'm not sure how to test

rMSCA scap

Mail headers:

X-Phabricator-Sent-This-Message: Yes
X-Phabricator-Mail-Tags: <differential-other>, <differential-reviewers>, <differential-comment>
Thread-Topic: D24: Handle git-update-server from git itself
X-Herald-Rules: <96>, <101>, <102>
X-Phabricator-To: <PHID-USER-oetk6bbl6omm354ejz3b>
X-Phabricator-To: <PHID-USER-5ewyncd6mpezaymyxfal>
X-Phabricator-To: <PHID-USER-7bifphmxtcqgvdofuzla>
X-Phabricator-To: <PHID-PROJ-uier7rukzszoewbhj7ja>
X-Phabricator-To: <PHID-USER-fn7qnpccfbitivgtw2rt>

In Gerrit, the repository is mentioned with the standard List-Id header such as:
List-Id: <>

And an indication about the type of notification which let one highlight them with different colors:

X-Gerrit-MessageType: abandon
X-Gerrit-MessageType: comment
X-Gerrit-MessageType: merged

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After reading Evan's reply upstream again ( I don't think this should be a hard blocker for migrating. It's still a valid request in Differential, though.