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FEATURE REQUEST: Fork the phabricator and gerrit repos
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Why not fork the phabricator and gerrit repos and merge them together creating the best of both.

We can customise it so phabricator supports changing the desgn with ease.

We can use gerrits great code review and add it to differential meaning the +1, +2 and -1, -2.

This would help us migrate with much of the functionality we are used to with gerrit.

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Closing as "declined" as we want to kill Gerrit and not fork/use/whatever it.
If you think your idea is better, your proof of concept (impleentation) is welcome.

Well it was only idea to fork both and use phabricator but bring some of gerrit functionality that isn't available in phabricator.

This task did not even define which "some of Gerrit functionality" to bring or even why.

Feel free to do it by forking and providing your proof of concept.

Some of the work going on with Phacility/Phabricator is to do just the opposite: merge in our custom patches into upstream's code as much as possible. Many projects are trying to move away from custom patches (Chromium Projects and Ubuntu just to name a couple) because they are hard to maintain because they can break with upstream updates. Try Googling "upstream first" for the whole picture.