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[WD] External usage KPI
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As an user I want to know:

  1. of queries by [non-browser app A, ..., non-browser app Z] in [given month, rolling 30 day window]

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This is already available in a dashboard by the discovery team. Please reuse.

Do you mean this ?

This should be able to be retrieved on short interval from Graphite? @Addshore? The KPI is defined with a "rolling 30 day window". Is this a requirement? A 30-day aggregate might be a super huge number...

@Lydia_Pintscher this does not include the "non-browser app" element.

Also after talking with @Smalyshev we should try to include number of timeouts, and sytax fails in these counts / the wdqs dashboard.

Also here is "queries" limited specifically to query.wd.o queries or in the more general sense? ie. api, dumps etc?