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[WD] Partnerships usage KPI
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As an user I want to know more about:

  1. of items/statements contributed by [partnership A, ... partnership Z] in a given month, broken down by quality, edited statements, setup length, community onboarding time, technical audit, size of institution, usage of data after launch

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@Abraham, @Lydia_Pintscher It would be good to have an example partnership here in order to start looking at this.

Rather pointing to a specific example: from my perspective to start with that it would be helpful to know more about the API usage in general. Further, how often are dumps downloaded. How frequently is the SPARQL endpoint used etc.

Okay! That is plenty to start working on! :)

Closing as declined, I think this is going to be bundled into the general 'Usage' KPI.

Feel free to re open if we need to discuss further

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