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A substed templates is not parsed until you post the message
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After a discussion on T116417#1761384 and a test, it appears that templates which should be substed are not displayed as they should be until you post the message.

What happen:

  1. create a message with a template with parameters which needs to be substed (I've copy/pasted it): {{subst:Avertissement suppression page|Testdetest}}
  2. a message displays (very quickly "template is converted to wikitext" or something like that) - actually when it works: on three trials, I only had two conversions
  3. {{subst:Avertissement suppression page|Testdetest}} is displayed on the text area instead of the template itself
  4. save: template is substed and displayed

Tested with the template {{subst:Avertissement suppression page|Testdetest}} on frwp.

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I'm not sure I follow the reproduction steps, but I was going to report a bug that appears to be similar to this one, so I am posting this here with my own description:

  1. Create a Flow thread on mediawikiwiki
  2. In source code mode, enter {{subst:Welcome}}
  3. Preview in visual mode, then save.

In preview, the message will be displayed as "{{subst:Welcome}}", while the saved version will show the actual template.