[Regression] "swiped from edge" ToC does not indicate a position of a reader in the article
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The issue found when verifying T115733: As a user I want to use swiping to present and dismiss the ToC on articles
4.1.7(171) does not have the issue.

Repro steps

  1. Open an article and scroll down to some section - swipe to bring ToC.
  2. ToC won't indicate the section of the article that a reader is currently on

There is the case when "swiped from edge" ToC will indicate the location in the article after ToC is invoked via the icon:

  • scroll down the article - swipe to bring ToC - no indication of your location in the article

  • click on the ToC icon - then scroll to a different place in the article - swipe to ToC - the position is displayed.

Expected results

Swiping form edge ToC should display a reader's position in the article just like clicking on the ToC icon does.
Below screenshot is done for the same position as in above Repro steps screenshot.

Actual results

If ToC first invocation is done by swiping from edge - a reader's position is not indicated.
If the ToC icon is clicked first, then next invocations of "swiped from edge" ToC will display a reader's position.

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Checked with on iPhone 5 iOS 9.02

ToC invoked from the icon and by swiping is consistent in layout and in showing a reader's place in an article.

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