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When writing a language code in the site if another site starts with the same name and it is before in the list it is overriden
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When I try to link a Wikipedia item to a Wikidata element I usually add the language code (es) and click the TAB key to go to the next field and as ordering the sites alphabetically in Spanish "esperanto" (eo) goes first when going to the next field with TAB the es changes automatically to eo.

Is it possible to change this behavior and if in the input field we input a language code this value is kept even if another site goes first alphabetically?

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@Lydia_Pintscher this still happens at least in The process I followed to test it:

  1. Go to a random page of test Wikidata.
  2. In the Wikipedia link section press the edit button.
  3. Click the "wiki" input field.
  4. Type "es"
  5. Press Tab in the keyboard to go to the field of the page title
  6. See how the "es" I typed has been replaced with "eo".
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Thank you!