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Create and update lists of monument lists
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Although Commons:Monuments database/Statistics contains a count of source pages and other statistics for every country (namespace), it doesn't contains link to a list of source pages.

I would wish a dayily updated list of source pages (monument lists) as a sortable table which would enable to sort the pages by different fields:

  • Page title
  • Adm (Adm1+Adm2+Adm3+Adm4): the lowest level of specification common for all monuments from the list
  • Count of monuments
  • Count of monuments with image
  • % of monuments with image
  • Count of monuments with commonscat
  • % of monuments with commonscat
  • Count of monuments with article link
  • % of monuments with article link
  • Count of monuments with coordinates
  • % of monuments with coordinates

(something similar is available "by municipality", not "by list": cz)

Such a list would facilitate to

  • detect the longest monument lists as candidates to be divided
  • find places to be photographed, in a structured (hierarchically sorted) overview


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Is that something better served as a wiki page or as an API return ?

I'd add the following to the output:

  • Count of monuments with wikidata link
  • % of monuments with wikidata link

The main statistics (linked in description) uses $country:$municipality:$lang:$project as a basis. Most of that should be reusable if we instead used $country:$source:$lang:$project (or even $source:$lang:$project or just $source). That said the current statistics are a bit broken and $source suffers from T112460. Also that would not fix the "Adm" part of the request.