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Adding monument template based on usage in list
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Before the second year of WLM, ErfgoedBot added monument-ID-templates to the Commons file pages for files which were used in monument lists. (See contributions 2012-08-31). However, it was a one-time action only.

I think, we need a permanent tool which would add monument-ID-templates automatically or semi-automatically daily:

  • to file pages of files used in monument list, if the file page lacks such a template
  • to category pages linked as "commonscat" in monument list if the category page lacks such a template
  • to Wikipedia articles linked from the monument list as the main article about the monument

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Plan of attack:
Rather than automatising this (which risks propagating Wikipedia vandalism to Commons) a report page per country should be added. Ideally with a "one-click" add template solution.