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Can't discard translation, button runs away
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I never manage to discard a translation because the button to do so disappears before being reached by the cursor.

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That's a very weird one. It works for me, but your video shows that it's broken for you.

@Nemo_bis, which browser version and OS are you using?

(Also, @Aklapper, any idea how to make the video play inline? I had to download it to watch it.)

This is Chromium 46.0.2490.80, IIRC it was the same in Firefox.

Happened to me today, actually :/

I guess we need to make more sure that there are no pixels between the ellipsis and the menu.

Petar.petkovic claimed this task.

First, delete action was made more reachable in T156909. After that, delete/continue actions are embedded in T179248. This embedding solves issue reported here.