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Unable to cancel VisualEditor **instantaneously** when I click on "edit" by accident
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When I hit the "edit source" by accident, I can just press ESC and I'll stay exactly in the page where I am, without changing anything (not even scrolling the page). However, if I accidentally click on "edit", I can't stop the process which loads VisualEditor.

I reminded this problem while reading comments on T102398: Migrate wikis to use a single edit tab which has both visual and wikitext modes and allows on-the-fly switching between them.

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What browser aborts clicks with Escape? Mine doesn't.

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Firefox 41.0.2, Google Chrome 46.0.2490.80 (64-bit) and Opera 33.0
(I tested all of them on Debian)

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Aha, interesting, the link I tested must have been a JS one. "Real" link navigation does indeed get terminated by Escape. How curious.

Change 382158 had a related patch set uploaded (by Esanders; owner: Esanders):
[mediawiki/extensions/VisualEditor@master] Abort loading when 'escape' is pressed

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[mediawiki/extensions/VisualEditor@master] Abort loading when 'escape' is pressed