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Make a new section for musical scores in the user guide for VisualEditor
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Make a separate section for editing musical scores in the user guide at . This will be similar to the one for poems, but with different screenshots.

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Are you planning to work on this task during this quarter? I'm asking only to find the right place for this task in the Community-Relations-Support workboard.

I'm deliberately planning to not work on this task until it is higher priority than the other things in my (short) list. Based upon available information, this means that the answer to your question is "no" – and maybe not the quarter after that, either.

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Setting priority accordingly.

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This sounds indeed like a good GCI task! Who would (co-)mentor this?, and could edit the task description to

  • provide a test page link (where to test musical scores in VE?),
  • link to guidelines how screenshots should look like (if we have any guidelines),
  • elaborate on skill requirements for a contributor (e.g. basic knowledge of image manipulation/editing software to crop a screenshot; basic English writing skills, etc),
  • where to put an initial draft of such a user guide addition.

Then we should be ready to go here! :)

The basic documentation goes in the user guide after the math section:

The end result should look approximately like the sections on math formulae and poems.

The desired music (e.g., for screenshots and examples) is here: Screenshots should be made from the sample page (working in English requires extra effort, so I've made a clean (i.e., without translation markup) copy at That wikitext can be copied to any blank page for the purpose of making screenshots, and everything is in the public domain). Screenshots including the music from that section should presumably get descriptions and licenses that match and similar pages. Instructions on uploading screenshots can be found here:

This task will require figuring out wikitext tables, and possibly figuring out translate markup (at least enough to not break it when editing the main page; a translation admin can add markup after the task is approved). The content should probably be created in a sandbox/user subpage on first, because that will be much easier.

@John_Broughton, would you like to mentor this particular project? Andre assures me that it's a fairly simple process.

@Whatamidoing-WMF - Sure, I'll be happy to try mentoring for this project.

Ideally we would use generated screenshots so they get automatically translated.

Ideally we would use generated screenshots so they get automatically translated.

Any links to information how to do that, to help a new contributor understand how complex this task is?

@Esanders: Any links to information how to do use generated screenshots, to help a new contributor understand how complex this task is?

@John_Broughton: Great! Please see for more information!

I believe that automatically generated screenshots only work when you're showing an empty page (e.g., an empty dialog box). Right now, the screenshots have to be hard-coded into the program that makes them. That doesn't seem like a beginner's task. However, making one set of screenshots manually would let us sort out which ones are amenable to automation later.

@John_Broughton: If you can still imagine to mentor this in Google Code-in, could you please reply to the registration invitation email? Thanks!

Okay, I've registered. Am I supposed to create the task(s), or has someone already done so, and I can just attach my name to it/them? (I have listed my name at , for what that's worth.) If I can just attach my name, how exactly do I do that?