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Implement SiteLookup based on JSON files
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Implement a SiteLookup service based on JSON files, as proposed by T113034: RFC: Overhaul Interwiki map, unify with Sites and WikiMap.

The JSON structure should allow for all features we have in Site and in Interwiki. In addition, the concept of site groups should be extended to allow a single site to be in multiple groups.

When ingesting the JSON files, data from different files is deep-merged. For some fields, separate lookup arrays (indexes) are maintained: lookup by global id, group, by interwiki prefix, etc.

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i suggest more specific tasks instead of this one, such as handling site groups more nicely in json

@aude oh, nice, i totally forgot! The most important new requirement to me is that we need to be able to combine the information from multiple files.

The multi-group thing is just something to consider when defining the JSON structure, it's not something we need right now.