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Document configuration of Phlogiston project
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  • document
  • document xx_recategorization.csv
  • document xx_make_history.sql

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Documentation for the HTML page:

  • what does this chart mean?
  • what is a 'normal' appearance?
  • what are some common patterns and what do they mean?
  • how does it relate to other charts?
  • be sure to note that velocity updates on Sundays only
  • (go through all code and look for other quirks)
  • Manual Ordering of categories:
    • in source file, list with oldest first, newest at the end.
    • In the burnups, the oldest will go at the bottom, newest at the top
    • In the tranche charts, the oldest will go last (at the bottom), the newest will go first (at the top)
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Review complete. I made some changes, which @JAufrecht should review before calling this one done.

As an aside, the non-mobile URL of the doc page is:

considering it as done as a work in progress config can be.