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Must manually copy edit text when session data is lost on a wiki that requires logging in to edit
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Author: ronp

In a system where users must be logged in to edit, if an edit form is submitted
beyond the expiry period, the full text (with the attempted edit incorporated) is displayed.
However, there is no way to continue the edit without:

  1. Manually copying the text
  2. Logging in
  3. Returning to the edit screen
  4. Pasting it

This may occur if someone has spent too long editing and is
unaware of the pending expiry.

Compare to the same situation (being logged out due to session expiry) on a wiki
that allows logged-out edits. Per the comments, you can log in on another tab or window,
then just click Preview in the tab where you were working, to restore your edit flow.

Severity: normal
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EN.WP.ST47 wrote:

Are there still browsers that don't correctly preserve entered form text? I tried this a few times (navigating to different pages manually while there was data in the edit form) and it was still there when I got back on firefox 7, chrome 13, opera 10.

(also, the user mentions internet explorer, but has platform = Linux. ???)

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omid_h28 wrote:

I don't understand why something this important has been ignored for long time.
Although it doesn't make problem in minor edits, It can discourage user in major editing.
It has most impact on new users who are not aware of session expiration.

I think this is fixed (a long time ago). I did the following (locally):

  1. Log in.
  2. Go to an edit page.
  3. Make some changes
  4. Delete all cookies for the site.
  5. Click "Save page"

I get "Sorry! We could not process your edit due to a loss of session data. Please try again. If it still does not work, try logging out and logging back in." and a preview. Like a normal preview, the text is shown below and not lost.

I can then:

  1. Log in again in a new tab or window.
  2. Preview
  3. Save

If this is still present for you, please give your browser (with version) and exact steps to reproduce (like the ones above).

(In reply to Matthew Flaschen from comment #4)

I think this is fixed (a long time ago).

As far as I remember the "Sorry! We could not process your edit" message has always existed (yep, found it; 2005, fdbdd7707ba98066456ea20892572b34d2ead649 ). I interpreted this bug as being about renewal of tokens and perhaps user sessions.

Comment 0 says "In a system where users must be logged in to edit", did you test that? I added it as step 0 in before yours (with a publicly viewable page) and I got the "view source" screen.

I tested, and I do see the "View source" page (so simply previewing after logging in is not an option). However, the changes are preserved in the "view source" box (it says "You can view and copy the source of your edits to this page", emphasis in original), so you can still copy them. I'll clarify the description and title accordingly.

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