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Make ops-l a list for humans again (no cheating)
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ops-l right now receives a few different things that all of us have to filter and filter: at least mails from Gerrit, Catchpoint, Watchmouse, private git.

This is suboptimal: the content between humans and robots is mixed; everyone has their filters and has to recreate them (and reinvent the wheel), usually based on subjects or senders; not everyone is interested in all of these; plus this makes this a high barrier to entry for new users.

We should fix this. Automated emails that we don't need we should disable if possible (e.g. is anyone reading the Watchmouse weekly report?). The rest should go in either separate aliases and/or a separate list that's just for this kind of automated mailings.

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I think Gerrit ones have been killed for a while and I want to kill the catchpoint ones unless people explicitly object.

I think the watchmouse one can go too! That leaves us with private git, which I am not sure about.

+1 for separate aliases. Individual teams or people that own a particular feed (or are interested in it) can add themselves to said aliases. Similar to what we do in puppet/icinga already with contact groups.

525db7d3bd38802d3864af60a08e43c5d2494b18 in the private repo now moves catchpoint alerting away from ops@

There was a suggestion by (I think) @hashar about moving the catch point alerts to a new list like ops-infrastructure (or otherwise named list). I do find these annoying either way (so thanks Yuvi :D).

Private git emails are nice to follow for informational reasons or to track things if they're relevant (like icinga contact changes, new ssl keys etc.) and I read them and find them mostly useful. Though useful is always subjective!