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"Pending Review" reverts by my user account makes my user account a target for reverts done subsequently
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I am a "Pending Changes Reviewer". I reviewed and rejected the edit on this diff:

Later, another editor did an undo on an edit previous to the edit I undid and that undo got "charged" to my username (I got a double-badge alert re: the undo). Here is the diff for the undo that was erroneously charged to me:

Here is the diff where the edit was made that the 2nd editor undid:

Note: this edit came before the edit I reverted.

This is where I pick up the edits for review:

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When you performed your undo, you only undid one of two pending changes, so your revision wasn't automatically accepted. (The second pending change was this one.) As a reviewer, you could have accepted it yourself anyway by checking the "Accept this version (includes ## pending change(s))" box before saving, or just like any other pending change after saving. Unless I'm missing something else, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong here.