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[Task] Enable data access for Meta
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I see that Wikibase Client has been enabled at Meta in T108825, but that only seems to cover linking pages to entities. Wikibase Client’s Lua interface is not enabled, so Scribunto modules are unable to retrieve entity objects.

Module:Project portal currently auto-generates source code for all the multilingual www.*.org portals other than It would have several uses for Wikidata:

  • For the portal, it should be able to automatically detect the “write a new article” help page for each wiki. Instead, I have to hard-code that information in Module:Project portal/wikis.
  • The various Wiktionaries have a total of four logo designs among them. Module:Project portal/wikis similarly maps each wiki to its logo design. It would be better to glan this information from Wikidata statements.
  • There’s a function that translates List of Wikipedias/Table on the fly. It should be possible to insert sitelinks to each language’s article on a given Wikipedia. (#language: isn’t great because it relies in large part on CLDR, which often differs from Wikimedia’s own names for languages.)

There are a number of other pieces of functionality around Meta that would benefit from mw.wikibase.getEntity().

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Hello, today the French Wikinews can't use the French Wikipedia modules because of that.
For example, when entering:

mw.log(mw.wikibase.getEntity( 'Q42' ))

On the French Wikipedia it returns 'table' as described on, but on the French Wikinews it's always error: attempt to index field 'wikibase' (a nil value).

Please find the community consensus to use this functionality here:

This will be done on Dec 2nd.

Even with the deployment freeze that week? (I asked in IRC, and was told "If it's just a config change, it might be ok to SWAT" - that'd need greg's approval though, and to be added at )

@Quiddity I am checking with Greg and the fundraising staff and not sure about meta wiki for Wednesday. We obviously don't want to put any risk of a site outage or issue on meta wiki during important fundraising days. :/

We might need to postpone for maybe 2 weeks, though maybe wikinews + the others are still ok.

also, want to note that I was not aware of the deployment freeze when we decided on Dec 2. I understand the situation but :/

also, want to note that I was not aware of the deployment freeze when we decided on Dec 2. I understand the situation but :/

Sorry, mea culpa.

This is scheduled for 15. of December now.

beta meta-wiki now (since earlier today) has data access, so people can try it there :)

e.g. and :)

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Change 259218 had a related patch set uploaded (by Aude):
Enable Wikidata data access for meta-wiki

Change 259218 merged by jenkins-bot:
Enable Wikidata data access for meta-wiki

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