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Double starring of Content Translation's suggestions
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In Content Translation's suggestions, already starred (marked for later) suggestions again appears in the normal list of suggestions, it is possible to star them for second time and then appears twice in "For later" section.

By quick experiment I didn't found the same suggestion for third time.

See "Eta Carinae" in the screenshot

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The list of favorite and suggestions behaves differently now. When all items on the list of suggestions in viewport are added to 'For later', the list of suggestion does not automatically provides additional, new suggestions, e.g.

New suggestions will be displayed if 'Refresh suggestions' will be clicked, but then 'For later' section will be emptied. So, the case when 'For later' will display the same suggestions that 'Suggestions' list may happen only if the initial suggestion list has duplicates. The suggestion list functionality (including removing duplicates) has been improved in CX2. If some cases would be found, they should be reported separately as a new issues.

Merging this task to T129203 as a special usecase (see the comments on T129203).