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Tech Talk: Wikimedia Developer Summit 2016 update and Q&A
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@Rfarrand, can you help organizing a Tech Talk about the Summit where you, Robla, and me explain the event and the current process that leads us there? Plus a Q&A.

Most of the participants at the Summit are expected to be WMF employees and therefore most of the participants in this Tech Talk are expected to be WMF employees as well. We should find a SF friendly time and book the big space.

The sooner the better. Sorry for not having thought about this before!

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Hello, had second thoughts about rushing into this tech talk over the weekend.

A last minute quickly pulled together tech talk is not going to be particularly valuable. A relevant percentage of people will miss it, have conflicts, and/or not find the time to spend an hour watching a video recording. This also includes volunteers and staff who have to work or are busy during the hours we choose to record the talk and people who have not yet registered for the summit.

What need is this talk filling? I think if people are not understanding the event (I have answered a few questions by email but do not have the general impression that people are completely in the dark?), what is happening or what they need to do to be prepared for the talk that means we have done a poor job so far with our documentation and written communications which are much further reaching than a recorded video explaining the event.

Maybe instead of this for now, we the organizers, should meet and talk through all of the details we have not agreed upon yet (room setups?, keynotes?, schedule, will there be an outside consultant leading the conversations, plan for how to communicate decisions from the hackathon to the rest of the community, etc.). Once we as organizers are on the same page with more of these things - we can update our documentation and then email out to all participants with the update and any action items for them.

This will reach more people and be more effective, imo. If after this effort people are still lost and unable to understand the event, then I would support doing a brownbag. Also might be nice to do one a bit closer to the event.

Yes, let's meet first between us to sort out the basic logistics. Thank you Rachel for the good thoughts.

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This Tech Talk needs to happen in the next 2 weeks, otherwise it will be too late...

In T117699#1840971 on Dec 1, @Qgil wrote:

This Tech Talk needs to happen in the next 2 weeks, otherwise it will be too late...

@Qgil: So either this should become really high priority now, or this becomes "resolved declined".

I don't think this talk is necessary.

I think between all the info on Phab and an email going out to participants shortly with pointers to links and last min logistics we should be all set.

I think there is a lot of nuance that will get left out of a Phab-only conversation, and I was eagerly awaiting the opportunity to have a video conversation on this topic.

I've reserved a short slot in the lightning talks that @kevinator has set up, but I suspect that isn't going give us enough time for the type of conversation we should expect. We'll see how tomorrow's agenda bashing conversation on IRC goes tomorrow (E121)

Hey RobLa, I am guessing I just don't understand exactly what you have in mind for this and it would probably make more sense if I could understand - would you be willing to outline the discussion that we would have during the tech talk that would be important to have that could not be communicated by email?

I think it is important to keep in mind that if we do a talk and recording we could expect something like only 50% of event participants to watch it, and only that many if we push the link in multiple place. I worry a but about having too much information in too many places in too many forms.


I still have some work formulating an outline, but the basics I plan to cover is here:

How I think this can work:

  • This is not a general Summit info session, but a specific Tech Talk about running efficient tech meetings. Rob drives it.
  • To be scheduled on Monday 21 or Tuesday 22.
  • Announce the Tech Talk to everybody, but target it mainly to the owners of Summit session proposals.
  • Send a calendar invitation specifying the owners of these sessions, so they have it in their calendars.
  • If possible, book the big space in 5th Floor at SF lunch time, in order to make it easier to get extra WMF assistance.
  • Strive to keep the presentation short, as in a capsule of 15 minutes, with additional but separate Q&A. Something easier to view later on.
  • Link to the short presentation from our Summit wiki page, from the template for meeting notes, and in a comment to all the Summit proposals.

Hi @RobLa:

If you still want to do this talk, please send me the following:

  1. title
  2. summary of the talk
  3. two or three date and time preferences

Thanks! :)

We'll see if there is demand for this based on the lightning talk I give tomorrow: