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Include a 'Mentors select candidates' step in 'Life of a successful project' doc
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Currently we have Community Boding period ( ) right after Submitting your proposal ( ). We should have something like 'Participants are selected"/"Mentors select candidates" in between where we include:

  1. How the mentors should rank/rate their application
  2. Various elements from description

Thank you @Spage for pointing this one out.

Perhaps there should be a "Participants are selected"/"Mentors select candidates" step in saying "See the schedule for the program", before "Community bonding period".

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Correct. If you have questions, just ask here, and I will try to reply based on our experience in the past rounds.

Between Submitting your proposal and Community Bonding on there is now:

Mentors select participants: More details at Outreach programs/Selection process. See T117686, "Select participants for Outreachy round 11 by 2015-11-11"

So what is left here seems to be:

@01tonythomas: Do you agree? Is this on your TODO list for this month? Do you need help? If yes, how to help?

Looks like the ranking in Outreachy system ( 0 to 5, with commitments, contribution dropdowns ) is different from the GSoC system ( just rate the proposal ). So, we will need something generic here, and Cut + Paste parts from should be right thing to do.

I will try get this done in few days. Thank you @Aklapper for reminding.

Looks good to me! Thank you!

Anything left to do here, or should this task get resolved?

Looks good to me! Thank you!

Thank You and sad that I couldn't get this done before.

Anything left to do here, or should this task get resolved?

Nope I guess. We can add in more program specific rules once they arrive.