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Deploy NewUserActions on br.wikipedia
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br.wikipedia would like a way to add to new user a message, but also to initialize the user page.

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I've written and tested on my wiki the code to allow to initialize the new user page.

L10n update needed

If the change is merged as is, ''newuseredit-summary'' will be shared by both user and talk page.

Before to deploy the extension, it would be convenient to update on TranslateWiki the newuseredit-summary message if it also refers to the talk page.

Current value: "Oc'h ouzhpennañ [[{{int:newusermessage-template}}|ur c'hemenn degemer mat]] war pajenn gaozeal an implijer nevez"

I've pinged the br community about that.

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Message updated.

I don't think that the NewUserMessage extension should have the requested feature. Making deploying it dependent on having that feature added, feels a bit like shooting yourself in the foot.

Okay so the new plan per @siebrand evaluation is to create a new extension, which could be called NewUserActions, to handle actions when we create a new user account.

The first of this task would here to create the user page.

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