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Verify that new portal Event Logging is happening correctly (DUE Nov 16/17)
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Right after deploying T118022: Deploy portal code that has Event Logging (DUE Nov 16), we should make sure Event Logging is at least basically working. Presumably it should be re-checked a day later, but that decision is up to @Ironholds.

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Have we resolved all of the questions about whether it's good for storing an equivalent session ID then?

@Ironholds could you please reiterate the concerns regarding the session ID? I'm not entirely up to speed with the issue surrounding this.

We need either data equivalent to the TestSearchSatisfaction2 schema, in this schema, orr a session ID in this schema that correlates to the TSS2 schema's session IDs so that we can link the qualitative responses to this survey to that quantitative data.

would it be possible to use the hashed IP values to correlate the TSS2 and portal data?

No, IP is not an accurate way of doing this, even with the userAgent factored in.

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