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Provide mechanism to edit aliases on special page that does not involve pipe character
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I don't have the pipe character on the keyboard on my phone or can't find it

Even if I find it, this is not so nice way of editing aliases. Surely we can provide a different ui for this on the special page that is easy to use, including by mobile users.

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Probably it's possible to re-use the design of the CapsuleMultiselectWidget from OOUI:

pasted_file (406×815 px, 26 KB)

Instead of the selection, the user would be allowed to insert his own values (e.g. a dropdown will open and if the user taps it, the value is added like the Bots one).

I would also like to see something better than manually separating them with a pipe character. It's not very intuitive.

It is also an issue on Special:NewItem (I assume you're referring to Special:SetLabelDescriptionAliases).

Another alternative would be to have one field per alias and automatically add another field after the user enters something into the field. It wouldn't be as compact as the suggestion above, but it would be more consistent with the usual edit interface for aliases.