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Cannot transwiki from Wikimedia projects
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Author: sunstarnet.wikipedia

I set up MediaWiki 1.10rc1 downloaded from and set $wgImportSources to my two
other installations' databases as per - and set 'import'
permission for sysops (not 'importupload'). I also set the interwiki prefixes
for my local wikis and Wikimedia Commons, English Wikipedia and Meta.

I tried to import [[:en:w:Stoke-upon-Trent]] and [[:en:w:Wikipedia:Criteria for
speedy deletion]], plus [[commons:User:SunStar Net]] for import but when I tried
to import them it said no import source had been defined.

If it works for other wikis on localhost (or the same server), why not for
Wikimedia projects??

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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robchur wrote:

You claim to have set $wgImportSources to include two local wikis, but don't
mention adding the prefixes for the Wikimedia wikis in question. These will need
to be added, too, before it will work.

Note that another issue might prevent transwiki from a Wikimedia web site
without the application of r21933 (on trunk). You will need the cURL module
available for PHP.