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Upgrade Jenkins to LTS 1.625.1/1.625.2
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A new LTS version 1.625.1 has been released on 2015/10/14

Requires Java 7 which we already use on gallium (Java 6 got removed entirely a few months ago).

Changelog at

We need to upgrade to be able to apply a security patch that is going to be released on November 11th.

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I have upgraded Jenkins on gallium. This task is now pending refresh on which is T118158: Please refresh Jenkins package on to 1.625.1 / 1.625.2

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@Dzahn uploaded the new version to

$ ssh apt-cache policy jenkins
  Installed: 1.625.1
  Candidate: 1.625.1

P.S. Uploaded 1.625.2 and installed it on gallium today as a follow-up.

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