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analytics1032 has / mounted ro
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root@analytics1032:~# puppet agent -vt
Error: Could not run Puppet configuration client: Read-only file system - /var/lib/puppet/state/agent_catalog_run.lock
root@analytics1032:~# touch foo
touch: cannot touch ‘foo’: Read-only file system

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Hm, this happened on analytics1038 a week ago. I rebooted and ran fsck, but found no errors. After that it came back up again. Doing the same here, but twice in 7 days on different nodes doesn't sound good!

1 reboot did not bring this back up. I then dropped into Ubuntu recovery, got a root shell, and tried to do fsck of /dev/mapper/analytics1032--vg-root. This showed no errors. I then continued with normal boot, and now things seem fine.

There's plenty of oom-killer invocations on java processes in syslog. One of those suspiciously looks like the culprit (at Nov 7 17:10:50).

(The oom killing here is just the trigger, the data corruption is still an unrelated kernel bug, the one on 1032 is over a year old, so that might have been fixed in one of the 3.13 stable updates since then.)

I saw the OOM killer too, but wasn't sure how that could cause the root partition to go into read only.

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This was fixed in a reboot, but we don't know why it originally happened.